Raseerija.ee offers highly approved shaving cosmetics and razors from company named Hans-Jürgen Müller GmbH & Co. KG. The company routes are from Germany and they are branding their items under name "Mühle". All products are handly crafted and very high quality is guaranteed. Raseerija.ee is created in 2014 and we are the first company in Estonia who started offering Mühle razor culture in Estonia, to give a chance for Estonian men to become part of Mühles´ razor culture charm.
In addition to Mühle products we are offering skin care series from Baxter of California (USA). Baxter of California is created in 1965 and the company successed after developing first product: specially for men made balsam that protects skin against sun and salty sea wind. After the first product they have been done many researces, that men´s skin is not equal to women´s and they developed special seria of skin care only for men. This the key for their global success.
Our mission is to extend and develope Estonian razor culture, to see that every Estonian guy uses instead of boring razors, with superb quality and nicely designed Mühle´s razors.

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